Love holidays in Portugal

There are several European cities known for their Old-World romance, sprinkled in fairy dust and history, but the most romantic city, perfect for love holidays is Lisbon. Of course our opinion is not biased, just because we love and fell in love in Lisbon.  

The recipe for this romantic cocktail is easy:

  1. Equal parts beautiful weather and stunning colours;
  2. Two parts of relaxing surroundings around the city;
  3. A few dashes of magic sunlight and starry skies.

Mix it all together and you’ll find the perfect combination for your love holidays in Lisbon.  

We just feel that there is something in Lisbon light, smell and looks, that provide us leisurely strolls and beautiful promenades leading us to amazing sunsets that makes us live the moment entirely.

Is there anything better than to share this feeling with someone you love?


The most romantic places to stay in Lisbon

Nowadays, some newly weds and couples are preferring to rent apartments for their romantic getaways, keeping things even more private and Cozzy.

Of course we’re biased but we’d like to point you in the direction of our most romantic apartment in Lisbon: The Chic Breeze apartment in Bairro Alto. We carefully designed and decorated for romantic couples.

elegant classy flat lisbon
Cozzy Chic Breeze Apartment for rent in the heart of Lisbon with romantic interior design.


If you rather have the service of a hotel, then we suggest the charming Torel Palace, housed in two former palaces. We are not affiliated with this place, but we believe you will find the best of both worlds: the fast pace you expect from a capital city and the peace and quiet only achieved in a rural and private setting. The rococo decoration with golden and flowery is just one of the distinguishing elements of this hotel that is the champion of the most panoramic views of Lisbon.

It’s quite isolated, well hidden between the Jardim do Torel and the Elevador do Lavra. A late afternoon glass lighten by sunset light makes this terrace one of the most exclusive outdoor bars in Lisbon and perfect for any love holidays.


Romantic sunsets and starry nights in Lisbon

We already mentioned several times how gorgeous Lisbon light is and where you can see the most amazing sunsets in Lisbon.

If we had to choose the best view point for a romantic sunset in Lisbon, then Miradouro de Senhora do Monte would be it. It is one of the highest points in the city, provides a panoramic view of Lisbon and is especially well-known for its stunning sunsets. From there, you can see São Jorge Castle, Lisbon centre, the banks of the Tagus River and Bairro Alto.

Sunset in “S.Jorge” Castle, Lisbon via Lisbon Lux.


A romantic nightcap in Lisbon

Bring your romantic day in Lisbon to a close, with an indulgent nightcap. You have rooftop bars like Silk Club, Parque or Rio Maravilha overlooking the river with stunning views. But you prefer a more private and cosy place, then Paródia is an antiques shop was turned into a bar in 1974 and remains open today as one of the city’s best-kept secrets. The intimate ambience goes back in time to the 1920s, with an Art Nouveau décor in two “vintage” rooms, with magazine covers on the walls, mirrors, woodwork and marble.

As you sit back and take in the scenic views or absorb the local energy, you’ll quickly discover why Lisbon is the perfect city for a love holidays.

“Rio Maravilha” Restaurant/Bar in Lisbon via Trip Advisor


Starry skies

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, in this case, the extra 70 miles, you can visit one of many vineyards hotels in Évora region. Go there on a clear night and you’ll be able to gaze at the stars and milky way as there is no light pollution near.


The romantic Lisbon center

Just get lost in the little streets, trying to find your way out in alleys and tiny long stairs, the hikes up and down and make sure you also have a coffee/ dinner in one of the small restaurants located in the side walks. It is a perfect place for spending 2 hours walking around, holding your love one hand.


Alfama urban walks

With its medieval alleys, striking architecture and scenic ocean views, Alfama is perfect for lovebirds to explore. Overlooking this romantic Lisbon district is the hilltop São Jorge Castle. Reaching it through its narrow streets allows you to discover tiny squares, quaint houses covered in blue and white Portuguese azulejos (tiles), and lively restaurants and bars.  Discovering together this inner core of the city will take your romance to another level.


Fado – Lisbon’s Fado music

Fado was born of nostalgic days. This emotionally moving style of Portuguese music will set your heart aflame. Most Fado houses tend to be cosy, dimly lit spaces where singers are accompanied by live guitarists. However, be careful to avoid the tourist trap Fado bars. Check our post about Dos and Don’ts at Lisbon to know the best places to go and what to avoid.

Fado House/Restaurant in Lisbon (“A Severa”) via Discover Lisbon.


Ice cream in Lisbon – probably the best in the world

Maybe it’s the image of Audrey Hepburn eating an ice-cream in Roman Holiday, but we find sharing a good ice-cream with your love one can be one of the most romantic things to do. Fortunately for us that live here, some of the best gelato makers in the world are in Lisbon.

It all started in the 1950’s with an Italian gelato master, Attilia Santini,  moving to Cascais. Santini Ice-creams were so good, that Attilio even became friends of the Kings of Spain, living in Cascais in tha period. The brand became famous all over the country and other ice cream shops had to work hard to keep up the quality. This way, it’s no surprise that you can find excellent ice-creams all over the Lisbon  that would shadow some of the most notorious Gelaterie in Rome.

Let’s just say that Lisbon Ice-creams are so good that, if Audrey knew, the movie would be called Lisbon Holiday.

Amorino Ice Cream Roses in Lisbon via Living in Iberia.


Go wine tasting

A glass of wine that can completely take your evening to the next level, if you know what we mean – and we think you do;). Depending on the wine, it’s a relaxing and sophisticated addition to any meal and also perfect on its own. We’ve talked about wine and in case you didn’t read it, Portugal has the best wine in the world , regarding price/quality relationship. Portugal’s wine may not be as popular as France or Italy’s, but they’re delicious and will be another aphrodisiac to your romantic evening.

Exploring Portugal’s wines is the easiest thing to do in Lisbon. Every restaurant or bar owner is proud of the wine they serve there.  Just ask for a recommendation and you’ll get a complete basic tutorial on Portuguese wine.


Sintra – the most Romantic Village in Europe

If you’re looking for a village that looked that was drawn from scratch to be the best romantic village in the world, you’ll find it in Sintra.

This village inspired poets and writers, who created romantic scenarios, lyrics and songs. Sintra also became a refuge for kings and dreamers, building Palaces, gardens and corners on top of the mystic Sintra Mountains. All this, combined with its characteristic mist, gives Sintra the title of the capital of romanticism and is the perfect love destination for your holidays.

You can visit Monserrate Palace, set on a gorgeous estate, and experience Portugal’s most exquisite examples of Romantic architecture, surrounded by lush botanical gardens.

Or you might prefer to go Old-school on your romance and enjoy a carriage ride, through the enchanting Vales dos Lagos (Valley of the Lakes) and the Chalet of the Countess of Edla, through the green, hilltop forests of Pena Park.

After your carriage ride, take the 434 bus up to Pena Palace. The Palace looks like it was drawn by a Moorish architect that stole the “Back to the Future” De Lorean, got his inspiration on Las Vegas and Disney World on a present day and returned to the 19th century, to transform an abandoned monastery.

Former vacation home for royalty, the Pena Palace is at the top of Serra da Sintra, perfectly located for some breath taking views of the surrounding area. And don’t miss out on touring the inside of the palace, which is just as decadent and glittering as the outside. If you still have time, tour the Moorish Castle and the Convent of the Capuchos, just a short walk down the hill.

“Pena” Palace in Sintra via BookMundi.


How to get to Sintra quickly:

Take an early train from the Rossio train station in downtown Lisbon to the end of the line – Sintra. It’s about a 20-30 minute train ride. When you arrive, your romantic instinct will guide you, through the cascading hilltop houses and buildings as you walk towards the centre.


Conclusion: Why is Lisbon considered the most romantic city?


Recently, in the TimOut annual City Index 2016, Lisbon was considered the most romantic city. The reference criteria was its dynamism, inspiration, food and drink, community, sociability and accessibility.

From the various conclusions, it turns out Los Angeles is the best city to eat, London is the perfect destination for fun and Lisbon is the place to travel with its expensive half (As a side note it was also listed as the third most fun city in the world).

This is not the first time that Lisbon is classified as ideal for the most romantic ones. Already in 2013, the capital was awarded the distinction by Food & Wine publication.

As you can see, it’s not just us that find Lisbon and its surroundings, the most romantic city in the World. We believe you’ll feel the same when you get here.

If you need more tips or information, drop us a line or send us a whatsapp. We love to help love happen.

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