How to give that urban industrial interior design look to our apartment

You’re probably thinking that to create a the best urban industrial interior design look you just need refurbished materials and peel some wall layers. Or, that urban industrial style is just for loft apartments in big cities. This trend is growing not only in lofts but also in small and big spaces. Even big industrial spaces are being transformed into sets of apartments that are trying to capture some of the industrial essence.

Urban industrial, or Industrial chic as it’s sometimes called, combines utilitarian design with worn textures and the warmth of raw, aged woods, but there’s a little more to it.

The general lines of an urban industrial interior design

The genesis of urban industrial interiors lies on elements and designs that turn the gritty vibe of the frugal and poor of old working places into an interesting and appealing indoor context. Of course, a lot of experimentation is needed, using what you have from the space itself mixing it with unusual materials and features. Be careful no to get carried away and arrive to a distinctive bohemian look. We have to find the raw root of the space we’re working in and elaborate on the structural features, industrial components and even exposed ducting.

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Transforming spaces “in the rough” into precious “gems”

Old industrial and office spaces were not built to be attractive and appealing to their workers. Saving costs and long lasting tough materials were the preferred choice for owners. Of course nowadays, a certain nostalgic feeling makes us look at those spaces with brighter eyes but still, something has to be done if we want to call it a Cozzy Home.

Floating in light colours and clean finishes adds a touch of feminine elegance to an overpowered “testosteroned” environment. In fact, the urban interior usually comes with a hefty dose of artistic indulgence, often turning to the unexpected for answers.

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Hot to get the urban industrial look

The key to achieving an appealing urban industrial look is simplicity. Excess furniture and accessories might make it look more bohemian that industrial. So keep only what’s needed and remember that depth in the space will be found in the mix of textures and patina.

Let’s start with a neutral colour palette (grey, white, black), then layer in some warm wood tones. Look for woods that have some wear and tear. Scratches, knots and nicks will just add to the authenticity of the look.

Use metal.

Whether it’s metal windows. metal furniture and lighting or galvanized metals and steel will combine brilliantly with wood.

Expose pipes or bricks.

Industrial spaces are often wide, open rooms that feature these elements. Create your own kitchen table with wood from demolition boards.

You have to find some elements in your apartment, or falsely create, to give that immediate industrial look:

  • Exposed brick walls
  • Cements floors
  • Raw, unfinished materials
  • Sleek, metal and glass lighting
  • Exposed beams
  • Stainless steel accents
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Creating or closing space

Usually industrial spaces are either to closed or too open. They were thought to cram the most amount of workers in an already tight space or they were wide open to have room for big machines and necessary reparations and production outputs. We can create a lighter, more spacious interior using steel and wood to separate or merge spaces.

Don’t hesitate to start picking those walls. First you never know what you might find under several layers of paint and cement after years of changes in that building. Second, wide space and industrial goes well together and there are always clever options of separating spaces with more utilitarian materials than simple walls.

Regarding walls and industrial interior design, remember what Reagan said to Gorbachev in 1989: “Tear down that wall!”

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Interior decoration for an urban industrial apartment

For the industrial interior decoration, you will need objects that are made from steel, metal or wood. Painted walls with a mix of large pieces of art hanging is perfect choice for industrial style living room and timber or stone flooring are also good finishes that will help you achieve the industrial look.

You can use fabric lampshades made way for industrial steel wire lamps assuming all the cables as part of decoration and not something that had to be hidden away. Of course curtains are an element that does not make sense so, to add that ‘Cozzy’ effect, use plants to create a green, sustainable touch.

With no walls you can use tables, chairs and other more fixed elements like sofas to give a new layout and strengthen the urban look.


Urban Edge – Cozzy Apartment in Bairro Alto. Click here to see!



Urban industrial It’s all about mixing raw materials like galvanized metal, glass and reclaimed woods. Although it can appear a kind of nonsense style, we must keep the shapes and silhouettes relatively simple, while making use of vintage and salvaged items. It can have something in common with a modern farmhouse style and is often favoured by fans of “green” design. But it needs to be a lot more edgy, inspired by the industrial revolution.

You can find items that fit the urban industrial look all over the place, like second hand stores and salvage shops. Check also some restoration hardware but stay away from anything too cutesy and stick with items that have clean lines.

While it used to be reserved for converted lofts and factories, urban industrial is now “killing” in all kinds of buildings – both urban and rural.

So what are you waiting for? If we can help in any way, just drop us line.


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