About Us

Home is where feelings are visitors. How do we let comfort reflect your big personality?

About The Creators

This could be another ordinary story with two ordinary guys.
However it’s , but not such an ordinary business.
Let us show you how! Cozzy will guide you Home.

Gonçalo was born in Brazil but by the age of 1 moved to Oporto. João is native, born and raised in Lisbon. After university, while Gonçalo was working in a consulting firm, João spent two years travelling back and forward to Angola.

But all roads ended up in Lisbon, the city of love and returns.

Settling down in 2012 in his hometown, João started working for a telco when he met Gonçalo and became friends. Two travellers addicted with same host feeling, whenever they stay away, they usually find no warmth or comfort that make them stay longer. The call for more welcoming spaces and more engaging environments, made them want to provide better to anyone visiting our beloved Lisbon. People don’t care much until they know how much you care, and so Cozzy Homes was created in 2014.

The Cozzy project

About Us? Yes, you’re right. It’s not about me, It’s not about you. It’s About Us. We believe that every home has a heartbeat, we challenge you to find yours.
Travelling to Portugal also means having a local experience capable to merge you with space and tradition

When travelling to Portugal, rent our apartments and have a local experience capable to merge you with space and tradition but also feels the Cozzy vibe provided by the interior design. Each apartment has a particular mood, so you can pick the one that suits you best. So, embedded in this atmosphere, Cozzy thought of every little detail when designing our homes. The details are paired up with a customized and design scheme that bring the aesthetic that you search for to a whole new level.

This is what Cozzy Homes stands for, embracing travellers to experience their higher self through our homes and make…feel Cozzy.

“They came, They saw, They love”

What a Cozzy History…

Cozzy timeline

Since 2014 that we think in every detail of our homes to provide you a comfortable stay and put a smile upon your face. By the names of our homes, you can see that each house has its own personality, never forgetting the Cozzy feeling.

We let your feelings be our host and we design our homes to fit your personality.

We receive and welcome our guests like friends and family so, to make your reservation, please check Cozzy Homes.

The Cozzy process and partners

In a market, as dynamic as real estate and short rental, having the right house for the right person is the key to maximizing your investment. We believe that Portugal has neighbourhoods full of charisma and personality based in a rich history throughout the time, just like our hosts. In case you don’t have yet a Cozzy Home but you want one, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our overall Cozzy approach to a third party property:

Cozzy process

To us, short-term rental is more than Real Estate Management. It is also hospitality. By being our partner, we take care of the short-term rental workload for you. Our experience with managing our own properties has given us the know-how to handle and sometimes foresee tenants’ requests and requirements. Besides that, we stay close to your investment and we provide regular information updates to landlords and property owners.

To know more how we transform your property into a Cozzy Home, just drop us a line.