Cool and unique interior design styles in apartments in Portugal

At Cozzy, we are always looking for the best ways to give that charismatic and unique personality to our Portuguese apartments with our original interior design style.

From our experience, we found out that we can save money when decorating your home. And we don’t sacrifice on comfort while creating our Cozzy unique mood.

Throughout the interior design world, there are planned made up homes identical to each other.  We don’t quite agree with this since a home should reflect the personality of the owner.

Graffiti art in pop decor apartment for rent in Porto

Cozzy Homes were created for the short-rent market. In each of our apartments, we created a unique personality associated with a particular mood. This way our guests could feel and live a better local experience.

Living in a space that looks cool and is easy on the budget does not have to be out of reach. This some of the styles that we successfully integrated into our apartments.

If you have any suggestions or want to change ideas, please send us an email. We’re always learning and looking for better and trendier ways to create our Cozzy mood.

Boho style

A Boho interior design style is for irreverent people who don’t like to follow rules. Better yet, who like to break the rules.

If you have an unconventional life and like mixing colours, patterns and textures without paying attention to any fancy rules than go for a bohemian style.

If you’re thinking this style can be chaotic, just scroll down and check the next ones. Boho style means finding beauty and order in chaos. As you can imagine, we put a lot of ourselves when we created this unique interior design mood for our Bohemian Apartment in Bairro Alto.

You feel you’re in a bohemian home when you see lots of colours and patterns all mixed together.

–       Remember when your mother said never to mix stripes and checks?

Never say never…

–       Remember when your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend told you to throw that old bookshelf made of pallets?

Bring it to life.

–       Did you have an oriental ceiling lamp that has nothing to do with the rest of your furniture?

Now it does.

Bohemian design headboard made from old door

The Bohemian interior design is the most personalized interior design as it can get. The style is as diverse as the person who creates it, in this case, you. Every piece, from a door hanging on the wall to an old airplane ashtray, has a history that’s part of your life. So, at a first glance, an outsider may think your home looks weird, but after some time it will feel cosy, comfortable and beautiful.

If you want some pointers to guide you through this style, please check our other article How to create a Boho Interior Design Style.

Trust your gut and go with what you like. More than that: what you love and the Boho style is done.

Posh interior design

Refined, classic, and timeless!

That’s probably the best definition for a Posh interior design.

A Posh style uses framing designs on walls, doors, and even ceilings. Usually, white is the predominant colour with variations in matte and glossy textures, giving the space a subtle sense of depth. When combined with thin contrasty borders it brings out a sleek and classy look.

Whether you are able to travel the world or not, there’s nothing “more Posh” than luxury details, like imported furniture and relics that mimic luxurious pieces. Find antique and vintage furniture, mirrors, artwork and one-of-a-kind sculptures to complement the design.

Some people think that Posh interior design means large houses with plenty of space and overlook this style in urban areas. You can bring a deluxe Posh interior design style into your small urban apartment. Maximize every square meter with designer materials, artwork and furniture that has been hand-selected for your specific taste and urban dwelling. For example, for our city centre apartment Posh Sense, in Lapa, Lisbon, we paired a customized scheme details and furniture like a Chesterfield sofa, a Golden Vanity candles and some fancy pillows.

Chesterfield sofa in posh environment

Fabrics are another important part of a Posh style. They offer comfort and beauty by creating a deluxe design aesthetic. From cashmere and silk to imported and handmade textiles the possibilities are endless.

Opposite to a Boho style, Posh means planning and controlling colour and pattern schemes. There is a clear interior design plan that pairs up window treatments, furniture, accent throw pillows and carpets.

There is nothing more sumptuous than slipping into a cosy bed adorned with luxury linens and posh pillows to make you feel like royalty. We find inspiration in luxury details. From the finest hotels we brought ideas for our master suite and master bathroom like plush towels, bed linen and a designer custom bed.

Pop art interior design

A modern Pop art style is all about colour, bright wall graffiti and Pop art pieces that take you back in time. This bold interior design style turns a standard home into an art gallery with colourful furnishings.

Although this style isn’t a common interior design scheme it’s becoming more popular and it’s a unique way to make your home stand out. For Pop art fans, this style incorporates that love without overpowering the home.

Usually, living rooms have rich dark floors contrasting the coloured walls to pop the space even more.

But just painting one wall with blue and red colours or adding yellow pillows to a couch isn’t an instantaneous fix. Don’t get us wrong. There’s nothing wrong with an accent colour (or three), but don’t feel obligated to add colour to a neutral room. Shades of white mixed with metallic, mirrors, furniture, and accessories in a variety of textures and materials can have as much impact as a room full of bright colours. In our Pop Art Apartment in Porto we hanged a bicycle on a white bedroom wall. If the wall was red, this piece of art would not stand out as we intended. Moreover, the human eye gets easily tired from bright coloured spaces, so we have to use them wisely.

Bike hanged on wall at pop-art decor apartment

But having said that, Pop art is a combination of colour and art.  Do not be afraid of colour and do not limit yourself to express your emotions.

Tribal Interior Design

In these days the rich, vibrant and diverse cultures of Africa can be an inspiration for home décor. We are seeing a big Tribal trend emerging. Organic materials and rustic luxury with a splash of free-spiritedness are moving interiors to places far away.

Traditional African textiles and patterns like, diamond-shaped rugs and even tribal statues are popping up in some homes. There has never been a better time to delve into the tribal trend.

However, the arrangement of the patterns and pieces must have meaning and tell a story.

Photography and paintings are a major part of this style. Embed the tribal trend without giving up valuable space that large furniture and ornamental pieces need. Good quality photographs and paintings can be a bit expensive. But, remember that limited edition prints and originals are investment pieces and tend to keep, if not increase their value over time. If you want to save money, there are good quality prints and not renamed paintings on the market to suit all budgets.

Tribal design living room for rent in Lisbon

Regarding furniture, handcrafted makes a big difference. Of course, you don’t need to turn your home into an African Tribal Chief’s home. Be smart adjusting your spaces to a few key pieces and accessorise to complete the look. Speaking of accessories, decorating a Tribal apartment means going crazy for natural hides, weaved rugs, handmade fabrics, horns, beads and any tribal paraphernalia you can think. Smaller furniture can include rattan pieces, carved stools and generally pieces that look handmade like we did in our Native Tribal apartment in Lisbon.

Tribal means handmade. Furniture and pieces that aren’t particularly straight are perfect!

On the floor, a Tribal house has cowhides, sisal/ hemp or jute rugs.

Besides looking good, Tribal is becoming more popular. We want more authenticity and respect for handcrafted elements within our interiors.


Modern Vintage

Modern vintage interior design is a mix of old, retro and classical furniture, but in a modern atmosphere. Despite its age, the pieces give a contemporary and pretty look and feel.

Low-cost is one of the main advantages of Modern Vintage décor. Nowadays is easy to reach this mood on a small budget, since the main concept of vintage interior design revolves mainly around the reusing and revamping old holdings at home.

But you can’t just mix old and new at random – that would be plain Boho style. We achieve the perfect vintage look by rejuvenating old furniture and use those items collected from our life, complemented by subtle decorative accessories. There are also some creative tricks like remnant fabrics recovering will create a lovely eclectic room.

Modern vintage living room

But the cost isn’t the only reason for Vintage style popularity. It brings us memories and nostalgia.

You can have the latest technology or kitchen appliances that have a vintage look, but all the modern functionalities. This artificial way to make things older than they are will appeal to those who don’t like used items in their home. However, this combination opens the door to creativity like we did in our Vintage Note apartment in Porto.

Classic Vintage

A classic vintage look is closer to a Posh look. It obeys a plan and interior design scheme that transports us into that specific era. The living and dining rooms usually have warm and soft colour schemes. But the charm in classic vintage style it is not an antique flow, like in the modern vintage. It’s a collection of old historic things that have some sentimental value to ourselves or have a history attached to them. Pastel colours, restrained tones of the walls and wallpapers create incredible combinations. You can find special wallpapers reflecting certain periods, especially imitate aged walls, frescoes and other patterns.

Chic living room for rent in Lisbon

Being old does not mean uncomfortable. Check our Chic Breeze apartment in Bairro Alto. We created a warm and romantic style far from the so often cultivated minimalism.


The industrial interior design style is about giving a raw and unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed homes. This style is becoming trendy in loft apartments, modern and urban homes and commercial spaces around the world.

The result the industrial décor is looking for is a “warehouse look”. You can combine a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy to the polished. Use neutral tones, utilitarian objects, wood and metal surfaces and pieces that are as much about function as style. Don’t think that this is just for “unfinished” spaces. There are a lot of upscale spaces that incorporate industrial style, like metal surfaces and vintage furniture.

Proudly display the building materials that many try hide

A signature element of industrial interior design are features that people typically try to conceal, such as pipes, ducts and brick walls. This is a liberating strategy of the warehouse apartment concept gain popularity. Converting former industrial spaces (such as factories) to residential living and other commercial spaces is a challenge. But using a few raw elements exposed is more than a creative dream. It saves money and further construction time while reminds residents of the buildings’ original purpose.

Bricked wall at urban decor

Industrial interior design ideas tend to be minimalist. But there is a lot of room for creativity by contrasting high-gloss metal finishes with rustic or vintage cabinets, open brick walls and furniture.

Form and function are both equally important. We used cement bricks as a bedside table, in our Urban Edge apartment in Bairro Alto.

What was considered unfinished and cold is actually modern, innovative and rather comfortable place you can proudly call home.

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